Perseverant 2021

Can you complete at least 20 outings every month of the year? If so, you are a true mountain endurance rider and you can compete for a mountain bike and other prizes from Cyklosport Kerda.

Challenge duration

1. 1. 2021–31. 12. 2021


Objective of the call

The aim of the challenge is to keep fit throughout the year and complete at least 20 hill climbs every month of 2021. Each successful 2021 Hill Climber must have the following to their credit at the end of the year:
- 20 hill climbs each month*.
- 240 climbs in 2021* we have modified the rules due to the lockdown, read them in detail below.


To complete the challenge, you need to be a registered Horobraní user with the full 2021version. To visit the top of the challenge, you need to climb to the very top of the mountain and log your visit in the Horobraní app. You have to log 20 climbs each month, and it's up to you whether it's to 20 different peaks or 20 climbs to the same peak.

Restrictions in the first third of the year made it a little difficult for the challenge to run smoothly, so we've tweaked the rules slightly in favour of Horobranics:
1) In January and March we removed the need to collect 20 climbs and you can continue the challenge.
2) In April we adjusted the number of climbs to 10 and you can still continue in the challenge.
3) You have a joker for one month, which means you don't have to collect 20 climbs in any one month and you can still continue the challenge.
4) All your entries count towards the total of 240 entries, including those for "lazy months".
5) New climbers who started climbing during 2021 can also join the challenge during the year. Here the rule of 240 summits climbed by the end of the year applies, with the obligation of 20 summits for them starting in the month following the month in which they registered. The assumption is to launch the full version anytime during 2021.


Kerda Cyclosport is celebrating 30 years of operationthis year and has promised rewards worth a total of 30,000 CZK for successful Horobraniks in this challenge !!! One Horobranik will be able to choose a new mountain bike and we will have cycling rewards for many more. So it's definitely worth being an active Horobranik.

Here are the photos of the winner of the 2019 Horobraním competition, who was svikaj and came all the way from Sušice to choose his bike.

Cyklosport Kerda is a family-run shop that has been offering its service and cycling products since 1991. Here they really understand bikes and can give great advice to each customer directly tailored to their needs. The service, which was the first Shimano Service Centre in the Czech Republic, has been running since 1996 and is still keeping up with new gadgets. The shop, located in Švermova Street in the Františkov district of Liberec, offers a wide range of bicycles, electric bikes, spare parts, cycling equipment and cycling clothing. Upstairs you can buy sports equipment for winter. Cyklosport has been run by Martin Kerda since the very beginning and he is probably doing it very well, because this year he is celebrating 30 years of cyclosport! Martin aka Železný_koleno is not only a cycling professional, but also a passionate collector and an active hiker and Horobraník. He is a great expert of Czech mountains, lookout towers and other interesting things and he loves to talk about it. So when you want something for your bike or advice on where to go on a trip, stop by Cyclosport and I'm sure he'll give you good advice.

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To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

Your progress and challenge details are available in the premium version.
3 1 1. 2. 2024
Level 1
Můj první rok s Horobraním. Výzva to byla hlavně v tom, že jsem začínal až v květnu, tak jsem byl 4 měsíce pozadu. Později se ale ukázalo, že sesbírat požadovaný počet vrcholů nebude problém a pravidelně 20 měsíčně také ne.
1 441
5 4 28. 1. 2024
Level 1
První celý rok plný Horobraní. Nastavit si pravidelnost víkendového chození a pořádně si to užít. Občas to bylo těžší ale povedlo se i bez žolíka.