Millionth ascent

Only one Horobranik can win this challenge and that is the one who records the millionth total output.

Challenge duration

11. 7. 2022–30. 8. 2022


Horobraní was established in March 2019 and since then the number of active Horobraníks has been growing, as well as the total number of climbs. At the beginning of July 2022, we can see that the number of ascents made within Horobraní is approaching 1,000,000. Who will capture the millionth climb?

This challenge is unique in that only one single Horobranik can complete it. The one who saves and synchronizes output #1,000,000 first.

The winner will receive a unique diploma and can choose any item in our horo-shop as a gift.

At the same time, there is a guessing contest on our Facebook page, which day the 1.000.000th climb will take place. The winner of the guessing contest will receive a certificate for the patron of the hill and can name a new peak in Horobraní.

Congratulations to the drill sergeant who caught the millionth climb and also to Michala Šmídová who correctly guessed the date.


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

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