Middle Mountain Everest

Log 15 peaks of the Bohemian Central Highlands and write down 8848 points.

Challenge duration

23. 9. 2023–21. 12. 2023


The aim of the challenge is to visit 15 selected peaks in the Bohemian Central Highlands with a total altitude of 8848 m during the autumn (23.9 - 21.12.).


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

It is possible that you have already been on some peaks this year, it doesn't matter. To complete the challenge you must visit all the peaks again during the autumn. It is not the points scored that count, but the number of visits to all 15 peaks.


Thanks to the cooperation with the destination České středohoří, five lucky mountain men will receive a gift package. The draw of winners will take place on Friday 22 December 2023 and the results will be published immediately here on the challenge page.

Challenge partner

We are delighted to be working on this challenge with the České středohoří destination, which has carefully selected the list of highlights for this challenge. The organisation's aim is to provide interesting information about the České středohoří region, to present tips for trips, to recommend hiking and cycling routes, to attract local delicacies and products, simply put, to develop tourism in this beautiful destination.

You can find all the interesting information about the region on their website www.stredohori.cz, and it's also worth following their Facebook and Instagram, which they take very good care of and post one interesting thing after another.

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