April 10 000 Steps Challenge

The aim of the challenge is to walk the hills in April and collect a symbolic 10,000 points. Registration takes place in March.

Challenge duration

1. 4. 2022–30. 4. 2022


We are organising this call in cooperation with the Ten Thousand Steps project, which we would like to support. Like Horobraní, it aims to motivate active movement with the ambition to include walking or running in everyone's daily life.

The aim of the challenge is to walk and run as much as possible during April. Whether on flat ground, downhill or uphill. You will evaluate the kilometres walked and the metres climbed in a competition for prizes, which you can read about in the Rules section.

The basic prerequisite for completing the challenge is to accumulate 10,000 points (i.e. metres of elevation) for the April Horobraní ranking.

You can read about the rules of the Ten Thousand Steps Challenge itself on their website. Their main competition goal for individuals and teams is to collect as many points as possible during April, the number of which is influenced not only by the amount of kilometres walked, but also by the age and BMI of the participant, so that everyone really has a chance. For this reason, pre-registration is required on the project website from 1-31 March 2022.


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

To fulfill our joint prize challenge, you must also register for the Ten Thousand Steps challenge, where you will fill in the password HORROR. Registration runs from March 1-31, 2022. When registering, you must fill in the same email address you used to register with Horobraní. When filling in your profile parameters, please also fill in the EXTERNAL COMPETITION CODE: HOROBRANÍ. Only thanks to this, we are able to pair that you belong to Horobraní :-)

The challenge will be met by anyone who accumulates at least 10,000 points by walking the peaks in the April Horobraní leaderboard(i.e. visits, logs and syncs to the website). You will always see your current progress on this page. Remember that you can only earn points for a particular peak once per year. To earn points in April, you must visit peaks that you have not yet been to in 2022!


In competition mode, then you try:
1) collect as many points as possible for the Horobranium April Leaderboard, by walking on the mountains
2) walk or run as many kilometres as possible and upload the records of your activities to the website desettisickroku.cz

Each of these two competitions will have winners in a total of 6 categories:
A) Best Male Mountain Runner
B) best female mountain biker
C) best Horobraník male - over 65 years old
D) best female Horobranice - over 65 years old
E) best junior Horobraník - under 15 years
F) best female junior Horobranice - up to 15 years

In addition, we will draw two random winners from all those who meet the conditions of our joint challenge to give everyone a chance.

If you have active friends around you, you can also join the team challenge on the website tentisickroku.cz. All you need to do is to form a team of 4-10 members. Your personal performance will also count towards the city rankings.

In this challenge, you can also win ultralight prizes from Nalehko in addition to great hiking experiences. Prizes await 14 active hill walkers in different age categories.

Nalehko is not just a shop with ultralight equipment, which the guys from Liberec understand like few others. Nalehko is about inspiration, sharing experiences, motivation and everything you need to do it. Petr Kosek, who founded the brand in 2011, is a very experienced ultralighter. He actually started out by discovering during his preparations for the Pacific Crest Trailthat even for long treks, a lightweight backpack with a few things is enough. The completed 4250 km Pacific Crest Trail only confirmed this. In 2016, Petr Damajka joined him and together they opened the first Nalehko store in Liberec. Other shops can be found in Prague and Brno. In addition, Nalehko organizes a nice outdoor festival, personally tests outdoor gear, writes reviews, inspirational blog articles and guides. You can read a lot of interesting information about ultralight in Peter's book " How to enjoy a trek of hundreds of kilometers".


Your progress and challenge details are available in the premium version.
2 1 1. 2. 2024
Level 1
Taková ta výzva, co se splní sama. Mám pocit, že mi na to stačil jediný den.
1 505
3 3 28. 1. 2024
Level 1
Velkou část dubnových výletů jsem měl v Českém středohoří, tedy na sběr výškových metrů ne moc ideální místo. Musel to pak zachránit víkend v Brdech. Jen to chtělo trochu rozmyslu a nevybrat si svoje okolí moc brzy.
3 2 16. 1. 2024
Level 1
V apríli sme mali ešte aj v našom okolí dosť kopcov, kde sa dali nazbierať body. Pomohli aj dva víkendové pobyty v Českej republike kvôli výzve Európska stovka. Táto výzva by bola náročnejšia v decembri. :)