Experience Madeira

A travel challenge to discover the highlights of Madeira.

Challenge duration

The challenge is open and can be completed indefinitely from the date of publication.
since 1. 3. 2019


The aim is to offer a quality selection of peaks worth visiting. The challenge is tailored to the fact that you are probably only going to Madeira for a few days. To complete the challenge, you need to visit at least 5 peaks of the selection, thus fulfilling the first level of Tourist. The second level Traveller is for visiting 10 peaks and the third level Adventurer is for visiting all 20 peaks. The challenge is unlimited in time.


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

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Tohle je super výzva. Doufám, že přibudou další ostrovy. První úroveň by asi šla i bez auta, u vyšších by to byl problém.