Endurance 2024

Can you do 10, 20 or even 50 climbs every month of the year?

Challenge duration

1. 1. 2024–31. 12. 2024


The aim of the challenge is to keep fit all year round and to keep up your pace each month throughout the year. For this year we have chosen three levels. Each month you must complete 10 (level 1), 20 (level 2) or 50 (level 3) climbs.

On the progress tab you will see how you are doing in each month and in each level.


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

In order to become a true mountain climber, you must complete a certain number of climbs every month of the year:

Level 1: 10 climbs per month and at least 120 climbs in 2024
Level 2: 20 climbs per month and at least 240 climbs in 2024
Level 3: 50 outputs per month and at least 600 outputs in 2024

You can also repeat outputs on the same peaks.

Another useful rule is the JUG. The Joker represents a breather, and one that means you don't have to meet your 10-20-50 climb benchmark in any given month. You simply don't have to have even one climb one month of the year and you'll still be part of the challenge. You can use the Joker, but you don't have to. It's more of a lifesaver in times of illness, injury, or vacation. The Joker is applied automatically if you have a month where you don't meet the given outcome discovery (you don't have to do anything to get it). Just remember that if you use the joker, then you have to make up those exits in another month to reach the given number of exits for the year.

Another rule relates to joining the challenge during the year. Yes, it is possible, but only for new users who could not complete the challenge from the beginning of the year. The rule here is that for newcomers to Horobranny, the 10-20-50 output requirement starts the month following the month in which they signed up for Horobranny. Example: I registered as a newcomer on April 3 and during April I collected 8 peaks. I can still complete Endurance of any level as long as I complete the required number each month from May to December and have a total at the end of the year that matches that level (nothing is reduced or decreased here). A newcomer to Horrobranik can of course also use the Joker.

It can happen that you try to go to a higher level, but fall to a lower number of climbs during the year. If you make at least 10 climbs a month, you're at level 1. You need to complete at least the lowest level 1 to successfully complete the challenge.

You will always see your current status for each month on the challenge page. If the month is green, you are still in the game, if one month is red, you use the joker to do so, but if you have multiple red months, you do not continue in the Endurance. We will be evaluating the challenge and publishing all 2024 Endurers in January 2025.

Your progress and challenge details are available in the premium version.
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