Mountaineer Rychleby Mountains 2024

Discover the beauty of the Rychleby Mountains through 20 carefully selected peaks.

Challenge duration

1. 1. 2024–31. 12. 2024


The aim of the challenge is to visit selected 20 peaks of the Rychleby Mountains during 2024. A special selection of peaks has been prepared for you by Horobraník Mahony.

Mahony invites you to the Rychleby Mountains

"I have chosen the Rychlebské hory or Forgotten Mountains because of the immense tranquillity, when you will not meet any people here. I clear my head here, enjoy beautiful views and places where there are no views. But every hill has an amazing energy. I love the Jeseníky Mountains."


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

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5 2 23. 5. 2024
Level 1
Za mě super. Krásné místa a nádherné výhledy do krajiny. Připomíná mě to tak trochu moji Šumavu.
1 833
5 1 15. 4. 2024
Level 1