Šumava Mountaineer 2021

Visit 20 selected peaks in the Šumava region during the year that are worth a visit.

Challenge duration

The challenge is open and can be completed indefinitely from the date of publication.
since 1. 1. 2021


Objective of the call

The aim of the challenge is to visit the following 20 peaks of Šumava during the year, 16 from Šumava and 4 from the Šumava foothills. The author of the challenge is Václav Hrdina, who has walked the Šumava Mountains cross-country and takes beautiful photographs. He is active in nature and on Facebook, specifically as the administrator of the fb groupToulky Šumavou. Venca documents all the peaks he visits with absolute precision, currently he has over 2000 uploaded photos!


To visit the summit of the challenge means to climb to the very top of the mountain and log your visit in the Horobraní app. You must be aregistered Horobraní user running the full version.

This way you don't have to specifically register for the challenge anywhere, you'll see your progress when you log in on the challenge page.


The Šumava Highlander Challenge is supported by the HIGH POINT brand, which you will visit directly in Šumava. A reward awaits all mountain climbers attempting the Šumavský horal at the shop in Sušice - a card with a 5% discount, which you can use on the spot or redeem via the e-shop, just by showing your Horobraní app.

One successful Šumava mountain climber will get a big prize. The HIGH POINT brand has donated a brand new item to the challenge, which is a jacket made of Pertex® Shield Air (a three-layer nanofibre membrane-based material that is exceptional for its unprecedented breathability while maintaining excellent water resistance) or Pertex® Shield (a two-layer nanofibre membrane-based material that is more suitable for hikers for casual wear). The winner can choose from two options, depending on the specification, for which activity they will use it the most.

TheCliff Jacket (Pertex® Shield Air) - a technical jacket designed for climbers, mountaineers and VHT or theMontanus Jacket (Pertex® Shield) - a jacket for year-round casual wear, hikes and the city.

HIGH POINT is a Czech outdoor brand that has been sewing and dressing mountaineers, mountain guides, rescuers and other adventurers for over 30 years. Their headquarters are in Sušice on the doorstep of the Sumava National Park. All the products they invent are sewn there, just a short walk from the square in Susice. The aim of High Point is to present a product that makes real sense and can be relied on in all circumstances. Their products are well thought out, functional and comfortable. Everyone at High Point is at home in the mountains, so all the gadgets are based on their own experience. Their products are used and tested by the most knowledgeable. Whether it's the most successful climber in the Czech Republic Radek Jaroš, or professionals from the ranks of rescuers and mountain guides.


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

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