Via Czechia crown

Visit 36 important peaks along the Via Czechia trails and get the Via Czechia Crown.

Challenge duration

The challenge is open and can be completed indefinitely from the date of publication.
since 1. 4. 2023


Do you enjoy long-distance trails? Are you going to do one of the six Via Czechia routes? Then pay attention! Along the way, you can collect significant peaks, save their visit in the Horobraní app and earn the Via Czechia Crown challenge.

About the challenge

The Via Czechia Crown is a list of significant peaks that the Via Czechia routes pass through. The total of 36 peaks from Sněžka to Říp includes mainly the highest points of individual geomorphological units, but the list also includes historically or otherwise significant hills and mountains, such as Říp, Velký Blaník or Svatý Hostýn. The vast majority of the peaks lie directly on the hiking trail, some of them require a short detour.

We are organizing the challenge together with the author of the Czech long-distance routes Via Czechia - Honza Hock, who is, among other things, an amazing photographer, world traveler, guide and author of many books. The Via Czechia Crown is not time-limited, the peaks visited from 1 April 2023 onwards count.

Challenge peaks and routes

The Via Czechia Crown peaks are scattered along all the long-distance Via Czechia routes. For better orientation we attach an overview of which peaks are located on which trail (in order from north to south or from west to east).
Northern trail: Háj, Klínovec, Děčínský Sněžník, Luž, Jizera, Sněžka, Čáp, Velká Deštná, Králická Sněžník, Smrk, Praděd, Slunečná, Lysá hora and Girová
South Trail: Háj, Čerchov, Kameňák, Plechý, Kamenec, Děvín, Velká Javorník and Girová
Central Trail: Háj, Lesný, Vladař, Velký Blaník, Nine Rocks, Babí lom, Hostýn, Vysoká and Girová
The Central Route: Bezděz, Říp, Javorová skála and Klet'
Trail through the Silesia: Spruce, Příčný vrch and Velká Čantoryje
Bohemian-Moravian Trail: Králický Sněžník, Jeřáb, Nine Rocks, Javořice


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.


All those who visit at least 15 peaks of the challenge by the end of 2023 will be entered into a draw for beautiful books by Radek Jaroš and Honza Hock with a dedication by the authors. In addition, whoever completes the challenge first will win the main prize - a sweatproof Via Czechia t-shirt from the CityZen brand.

About the long-distance routes

The idea of the Via Czechia long-distance trails was born in 2019. Honza Hocek spent most of 2020 preparing, mapping, walking and cycling the first two routes - the Northern Trail and the Southern Trail. In the spring of 2022, two more trails were added to the network - the Mediterranean Trail and the Silesian Trail. Again based on thorough preparation and mapping in the field, searching for dead ends and finding beautiful and little-known places. At the end of 2022, the third longest route - the Central Trail - was created, and in spring 2023, the sixth and last route of the Bohemian-Moravian Trail, which runs along the historical border of Bohemia and Moravia. The network currently totals over 10,000 kilometres of routes for hikers, cyclists, skiers and paddlers - almost endless opportunities to explore the Czech landscape, nature, monuments and pilgrimage sites all year round and in different ways. You can find out everything else on the website

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