New Year's Challenge 2022

Both for the New Year and throughout the year. Cheers to the mountains!

Challenge duration

1. 1. 2022


Do you want to participate? Just head up the hill with Horobraním on 1.1.2022! The challenge is open to everyone who owns the Horobraní app and if you don't have it, you can still download it ;-). And then just visit and save at least one peak in the Horobraní app on 1.1.2022.

Do you want to see yourself in our interactive map?

Just take a photo of yourself on the peak on New Year's Day and upload it to your climb via the Horobraní app. And don't forget to sync your photos on wifi at home! All photos that Horobraníci upload to their New Year's climbs will appear on the map.


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.


Take a picture with the New Year's Challenge poster and show that you believe in the motto "As for the New Year, so for the whole year!" We will create a collage from the selected photos and in addition, we will draw one of you at random and give him/her a book about Czech millennials. Download the poster below:

Poster with picture HERE Poster without picture HERE

And a Facebook TICKET!

Try to guess how many outputs will fall on the New Year! Put your guess in the comments on our Facebookpage and we'll pick the most accurate one to win a beautiful Opinel knife with the Horobraní logo! Last year there were 2759 entries, so what do you think this year?

Your progress and challenge details are available in the premium version.
1 505
3 1 28. 1. 2024
Level 1
Tradice :) Vždycky se někam vyrazí. a 100b potěší
5 1 16. 1. 2024
Level 1
Toto pre mňa nie je výzva, ale tradícia. Silvestrovská noc je pre mňa ako každá iná, takže nemám problém, aby som sa ráno išiel prejsť. Odradiť by ma mohlo len veľmi zlé počasie. Aj keď mi na bodoch veľmi nezáleží, tak bonusové body potešia.