We're trotting downhill

Appeal in support of Horobraníků with multiple sclerosis and other diseases

Challenge duration

29. 5. 2021


Objective of the call

The aim of the challenge is to go to a hill with an altitude of 300-800 m above sea level on Saturday 29 May and remotely support all those who are struggling with a long-term illness. The reward for completing the challenge is a bonus 500 points, which applies to the first Saturday peak with that altitude.

The idea behind the challenge

We have tailored this challenge together with Vanellusand Jaroslav and Michaela, respectively. Misha is a multiple sclerosis sufferer and is plagued by mobility problems. Horobranny is a nice way for them to keep themselves physically fit.

Míša: "As an MS patient, after my ataxia (an active manifestation of the disease that temporarily limited my mobility) I really appreciated the opportunity to "collect" hills from about 300 m and gradually climbed an 800 m peak with the help of my husband."

Miša's story is not unique. There are many people among us whose serious illness has prevented them from their current active lifestyle and we would like to dedicate this challenge to them. The main idea of the challenge is to give virtual support to those who cannot run on the hills like chamois, but love hiking.

If you want to join the support too, take a peak photo with some hearts. Drawn on paper, in the snow or made by hand. That way others will know they are not alone.

Jaroslav: "We really appreciate your work with the Horobraní app. It's fun :-) Especially when we are looking for hills we don't know, where we haven't been and which a woman will be able to climb. This year's convalescence was much more cheerful for her thanks to Horobrani. We are also spurred on by the family challenge we have started with our siblings and their partners."

Multiple sclerosis

World Multiple Sclerosis Day is set for the last Wednesday in May. Czech Union Roska this year is organizing a whole week of activities to support patients with multiple sclerosis and spread awareness.

Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease that, among other things, limits mobility, sensitivity but also endurance. The patient's body gets tired quite quickly. Exercise is an important part of patients' lives and helps to alleviate the symptoms of the disease and delay the onset of disability. Movement in nature helps the mental and physical condition of patients and their family members.

Míša adds, " It is often difficult for MS patients to walk a long distance, but often the possibility of overcoming at least small goals is the motivation to fight the challenges of the disease. For MS patients, the " Lowlander" challenge is very interesting.


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