March challenge 2021

The aim of the challenge is to make 20 ascents of one selected hill in your area.

Challenge duration

1. 3. 2021–31. 3. 2021


Movement in the fresh air is the alpha and omega of robust health and that is the most important thing. Let's take a little tour of your neighbourhood together and pick out some nice highlights. You can easily check if there is one near and high enough on the Horobraní map.Many hills are not marked with a hiking sign, so you'll have your adventure taken care of and the bonus that you won't step foot there :-).

MARCH CHALLENGE: Pick one peak in your area and hike it 20 times in March. Keep an honest log of your visits and take photos in all weather conditions. At the end of the month you can make a pretty interesting collage. We look forward to seeing it in our Facebook group Horobraník.

Who among the Horobraníks completed the challenge?
There were many enthusiasts who accepted the challenge. And it doesn't matter that they didn't finish it. The important thing is that they started. That's why we are listing here all those who completed at least 10 climbs on the selected hill in March.
But first, here's a list of the heroes who completed the challenge:


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

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