Mountaineer of the Křemešnická vrchovina 2024

Discover the beauty of the Křemešnické vrchovina through 20 carefully selected peaks.

Challenge duration

1. 1. 2024–31. 12. 2024


The aim of the challenge is to visit selected 20 peaks of the Křemešnické vrchovina during 2024. A special selection of peaks has been prepared for you by Horobraník Tulák Martin.

Martin the Tramp invites you to an untouched landscape

Křemešnická vrchovina is located in the south-westernpart of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and is characterised by forested peaks with a relatively flat relief cut by deep valleys of watercourses. The main European watershed Elbe - Danube runs through it. So come and take a walk through this picturesque landscape.

"Today is 21.2.2020 and I get off the bus in Tesenov with the Horobraní app freshly downloaded and take the blue trail a little further through the forest to the first peak on the Rock. Then through the forest to Lísek and Čertův hrádek. I'm going in a completely different way than the known marked routes and it's pleasant. At Čertův hrádek I meet other participants of the winter crossing through the Highlands with Martin (Cyklista73) and Tomáš and Iveta (TULÁCI Z PRAHY), who will succumb to the Horobraní later. Over the next three peaks we head to Batelovo, where we sit in a cozy pub in the evening and in the woods just outside the town we set up tents at night and there is a fire.

In the morning we have to go to Vršek and I'm basically just going with Martin. We will meet Iveta and Tomas at the agreed place in the evening. We walk through a beautiful unspoilt landscape, where forests, groves, groves, meadows, as well as fields and pastures are constantly changing. God, it's beautiful. And I passed all this along the trail. Even quite far from the solitudes, we find stacked stone boundaries, how they used to farm and remove stones from the fields. I'm blown away by the app and somewhere in there arises the desire and sometimes obsession to walk all the peaks in the Highlands. It's just love at first sight, if you can say that, and it actually started the first time I went hiking with Horobraním."

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