General rules for completing challenges

To complete a challenge, you must meet the basic requirements for that challenge. Most challenges have their own rules, which can be found on each challenge's profile page.


  • You must have an active premium version subscription.
  • You must complete all specific conditions on the challenge's profile page.
  • You must save your mountain visits through the mobile app or through the website.
  • You must visit the required amount of mountains in the timeframe of the challenge.
  • You can check your progress on each challenge's profile page.
  • You don't have to sign up for challenges. Challenges are evaluated automatically.
  • Challenges can have more than one level. Challenge is considered completed if you completed at least one of its levels. It's possible to complete all challenge levels.
  • All info about challenges is only on the web, not in the mobile app.
  • We can delete your challenge completion if you cheat or break any rules.

Evaluating challenge completions

Challenges are evaluated in three ways.

  • When you visit the challenge's profile page.
  • Automatically by the system between midnight and 1am every day.
  • Manually by us - right now only the Endurance challenge.

If your challenge isn't completed, wait a few days before reaching out to us. We are probably working on it.

Challenge rewards

Some but not all challenges offer rewards. These are usually described on the challenge's profile page. It can be one of the following:

  • Extra bonus points.
  • If the challenge has a sponsor, there can be a physical reward. There is usually a random draw from the pool of users who completed the challenge.
  • Some sponsors offer a discount etc. that is available for everybody.