Damn, I'm going to go sweat out a 2022 carp

Run up the hill on Christmas Day for a bonus 500 points.

Challenge duration

25. 12. 2022


As a reward for Christmas Eve, we need to give ourselves some exercise. Inspired by the "Sunday, get off your arse" challenge, we're including a very trivial challenge where all you need to do is get out and visit at least one peak on 25 December.

Have a wonderful and active Christmas holiday!


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.


For this climb you will get a nice BONUS of 500 points in addition to your altitude points.

*Bonus 500 points will be credited to you on the evening of December 25 or morning of December 26.

Your progress and challenge details are available in the premium version.
1 505
4 1 28. 1. 2024
Level 1
Tradice :)
5 1 16. 1. 2024
Level 1
Prekonať pohodlnosť hraničiacu s lenivosťou po Štedrom večeri je pre mňa väčšia výzva ako novoročná prechádzka. Bez tejto výzvy by som asi von nevyliezol. Tradične sme chodievali von až na Štefana.
3 085
3 1 15. 1. 2024
Level 1
Trochu toho pohybu je sakra potřeba :)