One hundred peaks of Czechoslovakia 2022

Collect 80 Czech and 20 Slovak peaks during the year and compete for Ferrino outdoor prizes.

Challenge duration

1. 4. 2022–31. 12. 2022


The aim of the challenge is to visit 80 arbitrary peaks in the Czech Republic and 20 peaks in Slovakia from 1 April to 31 December 2022, a total of 100 different peaks.


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.


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The discount is also valid on discounted goods. Discounts are cumulative!

Plus, we'll randomly draw five winners from the successful Mountaineers in early 2023 to receive these great prizes:
1) Lightent 2 Pro ultralight 2-person tent
2) Lightec 800 Duvet sleeping bag
3) Mustang Telescopic Poles
4) Agile 45 Universal Backpack
5) Thermos Extreme 0,5l Thermos Thermos Extreme 0,5l

Partner challenges

The partner of the Hundred Peaks of Czechoslovakia challenge is Ferrino. The story of this Italian brand Ferrino began in 1870 in Turin, where Cesare Ferrino filed a patent for waterproof fabrics and began to make tents and waterproof covers out of them.

Ferrino experienced a big boom with the arrival of the new 'on-the-go' lifestyle in the 1960s, when tents became a symbol of independence for young people. The collaboration with the world-famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner brought, among other things, the first dome-shaped tent design and many impulses in the evolution of outdoor equipment.

Today, Ferrino is a prestigious outdoor manufacturer, offering complete outdoor equipment from clothing, to backpacks, sleeping bags and all kinds of accessories for climbers, trekkers, paddlers and all those who simply love the outdoors.

And we would like to congratulate the winners, who were drawn together with members of the Ferrino team on 22 February 23 in the Ferrino store in Prague. You can see the video of the draw here:

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3 2 1. 2. 2024
Level 1
Během prvních tří měsíců v roce přes 50 slovenských vrcholů a pak se najednou od 1.4. vyhlásila tato výzva. Splněno nakonec během léta při přechodu východní části Nízkých Tater. Českou část výzvy neřeším. To se splnilo samo.
1 505
3 3 28. 1. 2024
Level 1
80 CZ na domácím hřišti bylo jako nic, na 20 SK jsem si holt vymyslel dovolenou v Čadci a objevoval krásu místní části Beskyd. Byla to dobrá volba, bez lidí, Češi byli na CZ straně, výletníci v nedaleké Fatře a já se tady toulal v podstatě sám.