Ranger 2021

Follow the Via Czechia long-distance route around the Czech Republic and collect 50 peaks along the way.

Challenge duration

The challenge is open and can be completed indefinitely from the date of publication.
since 1. 1. 2021


Objective of the call

The aim of the challenge is to walk the Via Czechia trail in 2021 and collect at least 50 challenge peaks along the route. We have selected the peaks through which the Via Czechia passes and the peaks immediately adjacent to it (usually within 100 m of the route). On the northern trail you will meet 212 peaks and on the southern trail 94.


To complete the challenge you need to be a registered Horobraní user with full version for 2021. Your task is to visit and log in the app 50 arbitrary peaks from the list of peaks on the Via Czechia route below. You can see your progress and how many users have already completed the challenge on this page. We are cooperating with the author of the Via Czechia project on the Hraničář challenge Honza Hock who is an amazing photographer, globetrotter and author of many publications.


In this challenge, you can win themed book prizes from Via Czechia in addition to beautiful travel experiences. At the end of the year, we will draw three winners from all the successful Borderlanders to receive a book.


The Via Czechiatrails are thelongest and most adventurous long-distance routes in the Czech Republic. They are suitable for hiking, cycling or winter skiing.

Routes Northern Trail a South Trail cross the entire Czech Republic from the westernmost to the easternmost point, following mostly the state border and crossing the highest peaks of most of our mountains. The trails pass through nature as much as possible and lead to the main attractions of each area. Together, the two trails form a complete, thoroughly mapped and described route around the Czech Republic.

Map of the northern trail:walking route,cycling route
Map of the southern trail:walking route,cycling route


To complete this challenge, you must follow the general rules.

Your progress and challenge details are available in the premium version.
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